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HGH in Professional Football?
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Tired of the Brett Favre Saga

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  Brett Favre Announces RetirementI know I'm not the only one who's incensed by the concentrated media coverage surrounding the Brett Favre "will he or won't he" saga as it plays out to millions of disinterested NFL fans. But not since "Ross and Rachel" or "Dawson and Joey", has a relationship between two star-crossed lovers garnered so much unnecessary attention. ESPN has done more than its part to force feed its viewers with every miniscule, speculative detail as it unfolds, and the thought of continued coverage over the next several days bores me to tears.  The issue of Favre's reentry into the NFL has been so beaten to death by the media, and more importantly, it's been completely mishandled by the Green Bay Packers organization, that I'm more than ready to disassociate myself from the entire debate and move on with the business of football. The bottom line is, if the Green Bay Packers  wanted to retain the services of Brett Favre, they could have handled the entire situation behind closed doors.  Instead, a huge production ensued and a three ring circus sprouted up surrounding rumors of his return. If the Green Bay Packers were so hell bent on moving on without him, they should have just let him go. Let him go to the Minnesota Vikings, let him go to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the New York Jets ... allow Brett Favre to go out on his own terms. Is one inter-division defector really going to grotesquely skew the outcome of two divisional matchups a year?  In a word ... no. 

What does intrigue me about this entire situation is the greater issue it may elude to in professional football. Many of us unwittingly assume that the steroid era which marred professional baseball couldn't possibly infiltrate our precious true national pastime (the sport of professional football).  Could it? The Green Bay Packer organization was so quick to dismiss a Brett Favre comeback; and after taking the Pack to the NFC title game the year before, wouldn't you think they'd be clicking their heels to have their adopted son back in uniform, donning the green and gold?  It begs the question ... what is the problem with Brett Favre? How did the cornerstone of the Green Bay Packer organization fall so far out of favor with his former employer? How is it that a 38 year old quarterback, seemingly impervious to injury, manages to stay injury free for nearly sixteen seasons?  And why is it that in the twilight of his career, Brett Favre appeared to improve, when the skills of similar quarterbacks were in decline?  Did a potential HGH conspiracy force Brett Favre into retirement?  I've seen the rumors on forums and blogs.  Pure speculation? Yes.  But plausible ... maybe.

Don't get me wrong, there is no accusation here, the words "alleged Human Growth Hormone use" are not being uttered in connection with any specific professional athlete, living or dead. This is simply topic on the table, submitted for your consideration. How many players in the National Football League are currently using HGH?  How many athletes in a game of inches, in a game where every hundredth of a second counts, wouldn't do whatever it takes to gain the slightest advantage over their competitors, either to set themselves up for their next big contract or to prolong a career?  Is HGH the fountain of youth for the new millennium? It's certainly no secret that celebrities have jumped on the Human Growth Hormone bandwagon.  So why not some of the greatest athletes in the world of sports, considering that currently there's no way to test for the illegal use of HGH?  If you were certain there was no way you would get caught, and millions of dollars are at stake, what would you do?




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