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The Los Angeles Stadium Proposal Conspiracy
Commissioner Roger Goodell Tin Foiled

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LA Stadium Conspiracy

Minnesota Vikings Moving to Los Angeles
Rumors Surface; Ploy to Get New Stadium?

by: Ryan Christopher DeVault

L.A. groups have approached Vikings

by: Judd Zulgad

All talk or football heroes? Roski and Leiweke both insist they can bring the NFL back to L.A.

by: Thomas Himes

  Minnesota Vikings Tin FoiledOn the heels of the impending lockout brought on by unsettled labor negotiations over the NFL's collective bargaining agreement, I find it interesting that two competing groups have emerged with proposals to build an NFL stadium in Los Angeles. How is it that a city with no NFL team has developed two seemingly unsolicited, competing proposals? With no indications from the league that it plans to expand or any concrete evidence that one of the existing thirty-two franchises might be marked for relocation, why is it that these two groups have come forward now? True, the City of Angels represents the largest television market in the nation without an NFL team, but LA had its chance. Twice actually, and both teams decided to leave their 90000 zip codes to give it a go in other cities. It just seems to be eerily convenient timing.

Amidst rumors of a potential move by the Minnesota Vikings to Los Angeles, we also have an announcement by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that he intends to put an NFL franchise in London, England. Doesn't it seem like the wheels of a greater plot are slowly beginning to turn here? Collective bargaining agreement negotiations stall. The proposal for an eighteen game schedule, which will effectively add two more regular season, revenue generating games to the NFL schedule, is initiated. The threat of an owner lockout, intended to recoup some of the monies that are being issued to overpaid NFL players, is nearing the breaking point. How can the iniquity of these owners remain unchecked?

The Minnesota Vikings lease is set to expire after the 2011 season and Vikings Owner, Zygi Wilf, has not been shy about his demands for a new stadium in order for the team to remain in Twin Cities. On December 8, 2010, Wilf boarded his private jet bound for Los Angeles to meet with Magic Johnson, who has made no secret of his intentions to return pro football to Los Angeles. During his trip, Wilf and Johnson also met with Tim Leiweke of AEG, one of the architects of the aforementioned stadium proposals, which further fueled speculation that the team might be on the move. Wilf countered, stating that the visit with the LA group was simply for inspiration on a new building planned for Minnesota, but his manipulation of the press on this matter has been masterful. Four days later, the Metrodome roof auspiciously collapses, heightening Wilf's calls for a new facility. I sense something sinister here my friends, do I need to spell it out for you?

The city of Los Angeles has been without an NFL team for a decade and a half and this tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist tends to believe that the NFL owners like it that way. Without an NFL team in the the largest remaining television market in the country, the threat of a move to Los Angeles is a key bargaining chip in strong armed negotiations between the team owner and his fans. These colossal NFL coliseums, like "Jerry World" in Dallas, are built to maximize home team revenue and increase profitability exponentially. State funded construction combines with unprecedented luxury level revenue (that's unshared) and mandatory personal seating licenses (for the privilege of purchasing season tickets in the new venue) and as fans we're supposed to feel bad for NFL owners. Give me a break! Angelinos, you guys are the key. You'll never get an NFL franchise because the just the threat of Los Angeles gives an NFL owner license to tighten the screws on his home fan base. They get state subsidized construction of a more favorable venue and tax incentives to stay in the area, so why would the good 'ol boys network give up that golden egg-laying goose. The city of Los Angeles is being played.  The NFL has no intention of granting another franchise to southern California, it's not going to happen.  Not in my lifetime.  Stay strong my friends ... the truth is out there. We are, The Asterisk ...



Zygi from Minneapolis
Sent: February 10, 2011  3:29AM
On Yahoo! message boards, a person that goes by the alias “Bronxboi2″ has been leaving this comment:

Does anyone even realize that the Vikings did this deliberately? Don’t even try to tell me that this was an accident. There’s COLOR video from INSIDE the stadium! Who does that?

Listen, watch the video here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoDOpGqcEPQ
At 20 seconds, we see the lights are on inside the stadium. Why? Because the Vikings wanted to show off how the roof collapsed!
At 22 seconds, we see a part of the roof collapsing, directly in the MIDDLE of the shot, and the camera is ZOOMED IN! The only way they could have included that shot is if they KNEW the collapse was going to happen!
At 26 seconds, the roof tears. This was clearly included just for dramatic effect.
At 30 seconds, we see another part of the roof tear. Once again, it’s right in the middle of the shot, just like at 22 seconds. Like I said before, the Vikings KNEW this would happen!!!
Finally, at 37 seconds we see more snow fall onto the field.
This is a case of a (expletive) team being scared of another team as great as the Giants, so they wanted to destroy their own (expletive) stadium in the hopes of avoiding this game, and the storm was just the perfect excuse! Too bad for them the game just got rescheduled in an even (expletive) town such as Detroit!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL SUCKERS!

While I certainly don't believe that the Vikings feared a matchup with the NY Giants, the fact that they had a camera ready to capture this roof collapse seems awfully fishy.




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