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Tim Donaghy FoiledFrom Spygate, to steroid abuse, to crooked NBA referees, the work of The Asterisk is not complete until all sports conspiracies are exposed. Tackling the accusations of former NBA referee Tim Donaghy, with regard to an unspoken policy of preferential treatment to fix the outcome of NBA playoff games, is next on our agenda. The NBA is a business, the NBA is sports entertainment, but is the NBA fixed? Assume for a moment that you favor a Polly Anna, rose-colored treatment of professional basketball, you believe that the game is pure, that athletes are not on performance enhancers, that NBA referees follow the letter of the law when it comes to calling fouls and exercise their authority consistently. Well weíd all be lying to ourselves wouldnít we. Itís no secret that NBA officiating traditionally favors its stars (Jordan rules, anyone?). Iím sure what was said in recent weeks shocks very few fans of the NBA. For us realists, those grounded on a planet we call earth, thereís a lot more to the words of Tim Donaghy than the accusations of a desperate man latching onto his fifteen minutes of fame. Call me crazy, but based on what Iíve seen in a playoff series that delivered on the marquee Lakers vs. Celtic matchup, Iím not so sure these accusations are baseless. Maybe there is an Illumianti-led underground stronghold of powerful decision-makers guiding the balance of power among the 30 franchises of the NBA. I would call them the Almighty Dollar.

The fact of the matter is that no other professional sport is more at the mercy of the will of their officiating crew than the National Basketball Association. Ask yourself, in what other sport are penalties or fouls more devastating to the outcome of a game or the playing time of its star athletes than in professional basketball? In how many other sports can the outcome of the game be determined by a single player? After six fouls (all subjectively levied by the judgment call of an official), the player is done for the night. Thatís a lot of power wielded by an individual that can call the foul as he sees it without challenge. How many times have you seen two quick fouls on a star player that send him to the bench, allowing the other team to build an insurmountable lead? How many times during this yearís playoffs did we see a seven game series? How many times were free throws wildly unbalanced in favor of the home team? How many times were 20 point leads whittled away to nothing? Is there a conspiracy headed by commissioner David Stern to skew playoffs results in favor of maximizing revenue, increasing profits, or globalizing the game to new levels of popularity? You tell meÖ.

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  From : Hollis from Minnesota
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2008
         11:49 PM
  This whole issue boils down to common sense. Tim Donaghy has been caught, the charges against him are out in the open and his punishment will be levied based upon the evidence that he knowingly and willingly manipulated point spreads for personal gain. So what incentive does this guy have to lie? Why would he willingly dig a deeper hole for himself? Any false accusations made by Tim Donaghy will only result in stiffer punishments ... defamation suit, anyone?. Why would he bring that on himself and his family?

On the other hand, look at the NBA. The NBA has every reason in the world to fix games, expand their global market, and extend a playoff series. Each additional game played means the NBA pockets more loot. Every opportunity it has to bring national exposure to their young superstars is money in the bank. Since the the Jordan era, the NBA has been desperate to pass the torch to thier next great superstar, but they've been unable to find one. Kobe had the Boulder, Colorado incident, LeBron James is in the wrong market, Dwayne Wade is stuck on a bad team, Tracey McGrady never got it going, Allen Iverson's appearance is too ethnic, Tim Duncan is not well liked outside of San Antonio ... and we have to sit through being force fed NBA marketing garbage. The NBA is so transparent ... the fix is definitely in.

From : Jimmy from Houston, TX
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2008
         1:09 AM
The NBA is not fixed, there is no conspiracy theory here. What is at work in all of these so-called "fixed" games is human error. The reason games are called so inconsistently is because each official has a different interpretation of what is a foul and what is not and the way the rules are written these judgement calls are allowed. The NBA should step in an standardize how fouls are called. The rules should be clear. Pro Football seems to be making strides to eliminate all judgment calls for the rule book. Look at what they are doing with sideline catches. For the 2008 season umpires will no longer have the ability to say a guy was pushed out, but would have come down in bounds. If a guy is pushed out or bounds without getting two feet in, there is no catch. If the NBA were smart they would follow the NFL's lead.

From : Shawn  from Atlanta
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2008
         3:47 AM
The issue here is that the way fouls are called in the NBA today is completely subjective. Fouls are called at the discretion of the referee and there is no system for accountability. No standard set of rules that is followed throughout the league. NBA refs should call a tighter, more consistent game. What used to be a foul is not called anymore, travelling is rarely called, three seconds the same, and palming the ball? Come On! The game has become sloppy and the product suffers for it. I'm sick of the floppers and the whiners. NBA refs should go back to calling every foul, clean up the game, put a better product out there for the fans. Why do you think the US has fared so poorly in international competition in recent years? Players like Dwayne Wade were not effective in the last Olympics because he got called for traveling all the time. Olympics refs don't turn the blind eye to these superstars and called him on it every time.

From : MIdwestern Girl  from
         Detroit, MI
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2008
         10:29 AM
If you want to look into another conspiracy, check out the biased officiating in the NHL. It was so obvious that the refs were told to send the Cup Pittsburgh's way, Crosby being the center of their "new face of the NHL" marketing...what a joke.

From : Walt  from Arizona
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008
         2:17 PM
Conspiracy theories? Yeah ... I am completely convinced that corrupt officiating led directly to four consecutive victories for the Miami Heat over the Dallas Mavericks in the 2006 NBA Finals . After acquiring the services of fan favorite, Shaquile O'Neal, compounded by the coming out party of a young SuperStar in Dwayne Wade, there was no way the NBA would let the Dallas Mavericks and thier list of B-team all-stars come close to a championship that year. With Dwayne Wade, the NBA saw a decade of BIG TIME, NBA golden boy, dollar signs in endorsements and increased television ratings. Along with an opportunity to recapture the wildly enthusiast and rapidly expanding Hispanic demographic. Their plan - to agressively market the newly crowned, NBA champion and make him the face of the new NBA.

So after the Mavs posted two wins on the Heat at home, it was decided that the wrong team was winning the series. The league office took it upon themselves to swing the balance of power back in favor of the Wade-led Heat and they did it through NBA officials. Look at the series, the Heat averaged nearly 9 more free throw attempts per game over the six game series. The Heat rattled off four in a row and were gift-wrapped an NBA championship courtesy of Commissioner David Stern. Need more evidence? How many times have you seen the D-Wade / Charles Barkley T-Mobile commercials, D-Wade Gatorade commercials, or seen him talking about his momma in the Vitamin water commercials? Open your eyes. There are greater powers at work here.


From : Paul from Indiana
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008
         3:36 PM
Whether or not there is a conspiracy by the NBA to fix games in favor of a larger agenda, the fat remains that the officiating this year was horrible. Home teams in general get way too many calls, as do your marquee, superstar players (ie Kobe Bryant). the NBA needs to make a decision on what they want thier officials to call as fouls out on the court and whatever they decide should be enforced. Draw a line in the sand! Official needs to stop calling any amount of contact. the league has turned into a culture of floppers and B-list actors and they're rewarded for it everytime. I'm tired of watching grown men jump backwards levetating in the air like they were shot out of a cannon. It's embarrassing.

The NBA playoffs have been a joke. Lakers vs. Jazz, the Lakers get 131 free throws to Utah's 74 in three games in Los Angeles. The Derek Fisher "no call" on Brent Barry. The home team winning every playoff game during Boston's run to the conference finals. If you don't think there's cold hard cash behind all of this, then you're not looking.

From : Daniel from Harrisonburg,
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008
         12:36 PM
I just want to say thanks to my good friend Tim Donaghy. Thanks to his tips and officiating, I have won enough money to retire at the age of 37. He also told me that every official is on the take. You can take his word for it, he's a stand up guy. Also, why does all the tin foil on heads look like someone pooed on them?
From : Andrew from Austintown 
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008
         12:49 PM
I think Tim Donaghy was in debt not to other bookies, but he was in debt to the middle-eastern mafia. He arranged a purchase for wmd's, with a great finance plan, but couldn't come up with the initial down payment. Thus he borrowed the money from the bookies, who in turn went to the middle-eastern mafia to collect the debt. The bookies dont like to get their hands dirty - come on people - they get their dirty work done for them!!!!!!!!
From : Owen from Charlotte 
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008
         1:03 PM
Ok this is not about the NBA Conspiracy, but here is my conspiracy. Tiger Woods has used a something to improve his performance. After 10 years of suffering, he decided to get a surgery that would require a long absence within weeks of when the PGA started testing. His knee has been hurting the all along, how did he get through those years, how could he practice so long? If I look at his pictures from then to now, he seem to have physically changed like Barry, Roger, Mike, and the others. I heard he had himself tested to prove he was clean, why? I think the PGA knows it is true.
From : Chuck from Frederick, MD 
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008
         1:17 PM
These lax, or "personal" judgement calls by NBA officials, have brought the "JUDGEMENT DAY" closer for Stern and the NSA.
From : Robert from Pickens, SC 
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008
         6:52 PM
Colon, Please stop with the constant comparisons, of every subject you talk about. ENough, already. Now, it is rather obvious your a rather heavy sports gambler, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, as we are all patiently waiting for football, I would love to become your bookie. The NBA is unwatchable. So who really cares. I agree Colon, it's all about football...
From : Robert from Virginia Beach 
Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2008
         11:11 PM
Since the mid 1980's, the NBA has been like "professional" wrestling. The referees call a foul on a player, player aurgues, next time down the other end of floor, same foul, but NO call. Booing cames from the stands, as the refs look at each other, or just simply shake their heads "no" as play continues. The EXACT same type of foul the called on team "A" on the other end of the floor...now is NOT a foul on team "B". What do you think, we are stupid. I stopped watch NBA games, in person AND on TV, because of this reason in 1991.
From : Withheld Ferguson from
         Elk Rapids, MI 
Sent: Friday, August 1, 2008
         9:15 AM
Putting the "stalk" in sp ortS TALK radio. How could any thinking person doubt the NBA is rigged? From the time the Lakers and Celtics drafted Magic and Bird, then the Knicks get Ewing. Then Orlando gets the #1 pick from the worst possible lottery position the year AFTER they draft Shaq (gotta get the market-friendly players in the playoffs). Come on! Does everyone know the ownership group of the Orlando Magic includes the folks that own Amway? Think about it, true believers!!!




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