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Romo and Witten Conspire Against T.O.
Terrell Owens Conspiracy Theory?

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Cowboys Conspiracy

Sources: T.O.'s expressed
resentment toward Romo

by: Ed Werder

T.O. Becomes Giant Problem for 'Boys
New York Post.com
by: Jay Greenberg

Sources Say Defensive Players
Support Owens


  Tony Romo Jason Witten Conspire against TOThis week as NFL Pundits descended upon the hotbed of activity that is the NY Giants - Dallas Cowboys interdivisional rivalry, they were treated to some new bulletin board fodder as claims of yet another NFL conspiracy began bubbling to a rolling boil in the Dallas Cowboys locker room. With a wild week in sports that focused on the aftermath of the Plaxico Burress shooting (How does one actually shoot himself, anyway?), one cancerous divisive force made way for another, as the boil-infested goiter that's been growing on the neck of the Dallas Cowboys organization has resurfaced once again, like a massive white-headed zit. Terrell Owens, who's no stranger to conspiracy allegations, finds himself at the epicenter of this burgeoning Oliver Stone biopic as he sets to dismantle yet another playoff contender. According to Owens, as reported by Ed Werder of ESPN, Tight End Jason Witten and golden boy quarterback Tony Romo have been meeting in secret to develop their own special plays specifically designed to exclude Owens as an offensive option. As a result, the Cowboys offense has been sputtering as of late and Owens's numbers are down from last year. Owens infers that the close relationship among the two has resulted in some very curious play calling on the part of Tony Romo that can only be attributed to these secret meetings which are hell bent on conspiring against the highly talented, thirty-five year old receiver. He's even gone so far as to include wide receivers Patrick Crayton and Roy Williams to confront offensive coordinator Jason Garrett about the situation. The trio showed up at Garrett's office earlier in the week to complain about how Tony's not playing fairly with the other kids. Are you kidding me? Conspiracy theory? Tell me about the lights seen over Phoenix or the black helicopters circling overhead, but a secret meeting involving a quarterback and his tight end setup to devise special plays that purposely exclude their most potent offensive weapon? That's your great NFL conspiracy? That's priceless!

So let me get this straight, with Romo under center, I'm guessing he audibles to the secret playbook, scratched haphazardly on loose-leaf paper and bound in an old Trapper Keeper. The offense then immediately realigns, setting up complicated blocking schemes that are designed to free Witten, as T.O. is simply told to "Go Long!". did I get that right? I'm sure the tandem spends hours drawing up plays in the dirt and cackling maniacally as they plot to single-handedly destroy Owens's career. That's just diabolical! I see, so with Crayola markers and an old camping lantern, I'm envisioning Romo and Witten holed up in their rickety, little tree house and huddled around an old soap box table as they write the bylaws for their newly formed Anti-Owens club, S.M.O.O.P. - Systematic Manipulation Of the Original Playbook. Oh that's rich! I knew Terrell Owens might have a couple screws loose, but with wild unfounded allegations like that, I should have him write for my site. I don't know sports fans. Is there a secret society subversively working behind the scenes to sabotage the career of Terrell Owens? Have they been working all along to undermine his efforts in San Francisco or Philadelphia, meanwhile crafting an anti-Owens smut campaign that plays out in the media? Is the dynamic duo of Tony Romo and Jason Witten in cahoots with the likes of Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb? Is it the Illuminati, the New World Order, is it THE MAN? I don't know, but if I were Terrell Owens, I'd watch my back. It appears somebody's out to get you..
From: Marlena from Bellevue,
Date: Wed April 29,2009 1:30 pm
The great sabatuer is....TO himself!




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