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The Roswell Incident
Roswell Daily Record - July 8, 1947

 International UFO Museum and Research Center - Roswell, NM
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The Mother of all Crashes:
The Roswell Incident

by: Phillip Coppens
  General Roger Ramsey with Weather Balloon DebrisIn July of 1947, an unidentified flying object crash landed at the Foster ranch near Roswell, New Mexico … this we know. The location of some strange debris was reported to the local sheriff by New Mexico rancher William “Mac” Brazel who was out checking on his sheep after as fierce thunderstorm the night before. The sheriff informed Roswell Army Air Field Major Jesse Marcel from the field’s 509th Bomb Group Intelligence Office to investigate the rancher’s claims. Major Marcel accompanied the rancher to the crash site and returned with some samples of the debris.

On July 8, 1947 a press release was issued by Lieutenant Walter G. Haut, the Public Information Officer at Roswell Army Air Base, stating that the wreckage of a flying disk was recovered near Roswell, New Mexico. Based on this press release, the Roswell Daily Record published a front page article about the incident. Hours later, the first press release was rescinded and a second release was issued stating that the 509th Bomb Group had mistakenly identified pieces of a high-altitude weather balloon as the crashed saucer. Pictures of General Roger Ramey, from the Eighth Air Force in Fort Worth, Texas posing with the “weather balloon” debris were circulated with the retraction. At the time, the issue was dropped, but many question the validity of the Army’s explanation …

Over 60 years later, Roswell, New Mexico remains a hotbed of UFO activity. The Roswell Incident, as it is known today, is cited as a prime example of the overarching government conspiracy specifically intended to conceal the truth; that Aliens are among us and have been visiting this planet since the beginning. Furthermore, that there is, and there still remains, a coordinated effort on the part of our government to suppress these visitations from public record. We’re all familiar with the alien autopsy descriptions of Roswell mortician Glenn Dennis, or the eye witness accounts of the craft appearing in the skies over Roswell in early July. We’ve heard about the Majestic 12 documents, intended to brief incoming President Dwight Eisenhower, and the Project MOGUL explanation, involving high altitude balloons that were meant to detect sound waves emitted by Soviet weaponry. I, for one, remain unconvinced that something otherworldly did not occur at Fosters ranch back in 1947, but who am I, just one lone voice of dissent?

Truth or urban legend, I find it interesting that these extraterrestrials had enough sense to visit our planet on a holiday weekend. Now almost 62 years later, it affords for a great opportunity to host an annual UFO Festival in the City of Roswell, New Mexico. As any great tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist will tell you, the UFO Festival in Roswell is actually real. This year it’s being held July 2-5, 2009 attracting Uber-Geeks and respected UFologists to this sleepy little community every year to take part in this event. Lectures by world-renowned experts and a multitude of photographic opportunities, including the parade down Main Street, an Alien Costume Contest, and fireworks display, await anxious Alien Hunters. Even the International UFO Museum and Research Center is an existing entity that stands in downtown Roswell as a resource dedicated to uncovering what happened in that field so many years ago. If you’re looking for the spot, government conspiracy guy, look no further, you’ve found it.


Roswell UFO Festival - July 2009
  Steven H from Cincinnati
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2009
         12:41 PM
  Aliens are among us and they have been for years.  The US Government has been purposely hiding their existence from the general public and they've been cooperating with other nations promoting misinformation campaigns to confuse those that try to dig deeper into this alien conspiracy.
Jeff from Spokane, WA
Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2009
         10:18 PM
  Look at the technological leaps forward that have been made in the last century.  Advancements in metallurgy, composites, super conductors, and the microchip have revolutionized the way we life our lives.  All of these technological advancements are the direct result of reverse engineering efforts undertaken by the United States Government who have intercepted multiple UFO spacecraft and used their advanced technologies to create many of the electronics and propulsion systems that we can't live without.
Tim from Arlington, TX
Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2009
         11:49 PM
  Are you people serious?  Don't you think the simplest explanation is generally the most reasonable?  If there was really a grand conspiracy perpetrated by the US gov't to hide the existence of extra terrestrials, don't you think, considering it's been over sixty years since this crash, that we'd start hearing death bed confessions or that someone with credibility would have broken rank to talk about these "aliens".  There is no conspiracy, there are no aliens ... get over yourselves and grow up.
Alan from San Diego, CA
Sent: Friday, June 12, 2009
         9:32 AM
  Roswell is real!!!  An alien spacecraft landed in Roswell, and The Roswell Daily Record printed the story in their local newspaper to be the first to report it to the world.  When it was realized what releasing this information meant to the security of their remarkable find, the US Army worked quickly to print a retraction and discredit the original report with all types of false information.  If they reported the find of an extra terrestrial spacecraft, it would have to be shared with the world.  Instead, the US military was able to secure the craft in top secret underground facilities to build themselves into the technological superpower that they are today.  The recent sightings of unidentified lights in the sky are just the beginning.




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