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May 14, 2008  2min 20sec

Colin Likes the Site
May 20, 2008  2min 56sec

Tim Donaghy
July 22, 2008  2min 08sec

Tim Donaghy, Pt.2

July 22, 2008  52sec

Alien Conspiracy

July 24, 2008  2min 38sec

Donaghy Resurfaces
July 29, 2008  1min 30sec

Donaghy Recap

July 29, 2008  1min 30sec
A-Rod in Hiding

March 9, 2009  1min 32sec
NBA Conspiracy
  Follow me on this one. Ever since Colin Cowherd, from ESPN Radio's The Herd, noted the parallelism between sports conspiracy guy and the tin foil hat wearing, alien hunter underworld, the powers that be have noticed the shift toward credibility that our movement is slowly gaining. Its exposure through the World Wide Web has brought to light multiple conspiracy theories that have been confirmed. The New England Patriots Spygate scandal has been exposed; Tim Donaghy and crooked NBA referees have been placed on notice; A-rod's use of performance enhancing drugs has been brought to light; and I'm still waiting for allegations of HGH running rampant through pro sports to surface. The theory that there's a consorted effort to manipulate the world of professional sports is finally assembling a legitimate case. For every Spygate that’s uncovered or PED scandal that surfaces, our efforts are legitimized. This coalition of parental basement dwellers from the world of sports and from the sci-fi community has expanded our current network, resulting in an exchange of ideas, yielding positive results. Colin Cowherd may just have serendipitously stumbled onto a real life Mel Gibson Conspiracy Theory, and by giving it airplay, caused concern among those hell bent on suppression of the truth. Before Colin started talking about these conspiracies, we were dismissed as wack-a-doos, but now we have a voice.

For those who seek to manipulate their cash cow in plain view of the American public, the solution is simple - this voice of dissent must be discredited at all costs; and how better to discredit conspiracy theorists than to purposely sabotage one of their theories.

When the NBA playoffs began, it didn't take a genius to figure out that Kobe Bryant’s LA Lakers and LeBron James's Cleveland Cavaliers were on a collision course to meet in the NBA finals. Both have been touted as the heir-apparent, the next Michael Jordan, and much like the Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals last year, this matchup was too good to be true. It was too obvious. This is precisely why LeBron and the best team in the NBA were derailed en route to the Finals, why he wouldn't shake Dwight Howard's hand at the end of the game. LeBron knows the fix is in. He knew it from the time the playoffs began and now it’s playing out on the greatest stage in the world in an attempt to destroy the credibility of those that seek to expose the man behind the curtain. Think about it, conventional conspiracy wisdom would dictate that the highly marketable Celtics and Mavericks franchises should advance - both were given their walking papers. Polarizing figures like Mark Cuban or popular players like Dwayne Wade should be part of extended playoff runs, but both were purposely quieted in an effort to discredit the conspiracy. It’s actually rather brilliant, combat conspiracy with anti-conspiracy. Make everyone aware of the fact that if the NBA Finals were being manipulated, wouldn’t it be LeBron and Kobe that met in the Championship round? Open your eyes, you don't see the blatant smut campaign that’s going on here?  We do.

Colin, keep doing what you’re doing. You have them running scared. As for our part, we stand ready … monitoring otherworldly transmissions, seeking out extra terrestrial life forms, and following the exploits of tyrannous operations and conspiracies in the world of professional sports. We are The Asterisk …
April 29, 2009  1min 11sec
The Fix is in
May 11, 2009  1min 05sec

Bad Day
May 18, 2008  1min 44sec

  From: ron simms from twinsburg
Date: Wed, May 29, 2009 2:16 pm
  Is the NBA fixed ? Do wild bears #### in the woods? From Patrick Ewing's envelope, to Michael Jordan's retirement. You tell me. And another thing; why isn't the lottery shown live ?  Do you really think that Tim Donaghy was the only ref to be betting on games ? The NBA only cares about New York, Boston, Chicago, miami , San Antonio, Lakers, and Phoenix. the Nba 's worst nightmare? Cleveland againt Denver or Portland in the finals . David Stern will make sure that the Lakers get every call in the finals . Wanna bet ?
From: Ken Smith in North Augusta,
Date: Sun,June 28,2009 8:26 PM
  Say what you will - I'm not convinced that President Obama had Michael Jackson assassinated to distract the public from the cap & trade bill!




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